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Course Description

This course is designed for principles, head teachers, assistant teachers and other educators, who are working in primary, secondary and higher education. The course is an interactive and it requires intensive work to complete each of its milestones. The course covers contemporary topics in the frame of Digital Education such as digital literacy, blended learning, asynchronous and synchronous teaching platforms, etc. The course is a comprehensive and it takes all educators to the post pandemic world of data-intensive technologies, where the Artificial Intelligence, virtual and augmented realities drive the success of education providers.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course the applicant will be able to:

  • define and identify digital literacy
  • engage and motivate learners through data-intensive technologies
  • evaluate advantages of disadvantages of blended learning
  • determine opportunities and threats for further project development
  • use high-quality content platforms in teaching demanding learners

Course Specifics

ITC International will provide the participants with online readiness test upon the start of the course
There is a user-friendly course pre-reading and the participants are encouraged to read upon their arrival. The training course could be delivered online, face-to-face or in hybrid mode as it is agreed with the participants upon the course.
It will help them to develop further project agile management skills and to implement their tailored-made projects into their schools’ projects.
Throughout the entire course the participants are engaged by individual and team tasks regardless the mode of delivery of the course.  
For the purpose of the course, ITC International provides notebooks to the participants, in case they inform ITC upon their arrival to the course.

Course Modules

  • Module 01 – Introduction to Digital Education and Digital Literacy
  • Module 02 – Digital Tools for Educators and Learners
  • Module 03 – Developing and maintaining digital skills for keeping engaged audience
  • Module 04 – Effective use of high-quality content, user-friendly platforms in teaching
  • Module 05 – Digital Learning Environment in the post pandemic era
  • Module 06 – Use of 360-degree camera, virtual reality and augmented reality in education
  • Module 07 – Course Debrief and ITC International experience in Digital Education through Erasmus + Projects


Learning outcomes

  • Understand blended learning methodology and its place in today's environment.
  • Identify opportunities and challenges in blended learning, understand specific strategies for online and offline teaching and learning.
  • Increase awareness of techniques and strategies that actively prepare students for their future life and lifelong learning, with respect to digital learning options.
  • Outline strategies and options to promote independent learning and facilitate student personal progress in learning efforts.
  • Experiment with various tools for blended learning classrooms to create motivating and engaging curriculum.
  • Understand limitations and threats with respect to the use of online resources and tools.
  • Generate ready‐to‐use materials and methods to improve educational practices in daily school practice, considering the promotion of blended learning strategies.
  • Increase a greater understanding of strategies and systems for coping with ambiguity and changes in the learning environment.
  • Support continuous professional development, increase awareness of the topic of blended learning in a school system in a holistic way, and encourage self-development.
  • Meet colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, participate in a cross-cultural learning experience, exchange ideas, and build a network for future international cooperation.
  • Enhance communication skills, improve foreign language competencies, broaden professional vocabulary, promote the broad linguistic diversity of the EU, embed common educational and training values.





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