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Learning outcomes

This course will help participants to further their teaching competencies by:

  • Getting to know and apply important aspects of efficient and effective learning in the classroom;
  • Designing and teaching exemplary lesson sequences and receiving (video) feedback afterwards;
  • Matching learning content and context with the appropriate methods, media and material;
  • Implementing strategies of ensuring motivation of each individual in the learning group;
  • (Pro)actively dealing with emerging disturbances and conflicts;
  • Productively reflecting on their role and identity as a teacher.


Tentative schedule

  • Day 1 – Course introduction & learner types
    • Contracting
      • Expectations, goals, rules, roles
      • Setting the frame and maintaining it
    • Communicating in the classroom I
      • Ensuring comprehensibility & establishing rapport
    • Presenting contents and oneself 
      • Appropriately applying body language, voice & words
    • Teaching according to learner types 
      • Sensory needs of learners & degree of retention
  • Day 2 – Motivating learners & brain-appropriate teaching
    • Motivating learners
      • Listening actively with emotional intelligence
      • Taking care of learners‘ psychological needs
      • Furthering interactivity in and beyond the classroom
    • Brain-appropriate teaching
      • Learners’ need for sense, connection, application & repetition
  • Day 3 – Conflict management & solving of participants’ professional issues
    • (Proactively) Dealing with disturbances and conflicts
      • Group dynamics
      • Ensuring a productive work environment with assertiveness (I-language)
      • Mediating conflictual situations
    • Solving “burning” issues
      • Peer counseling & coaching
  • Day 4 – Designing and teaching lessons (sequences) I
    • Designing interactive lessons
      • Learning sandwich
      • Defining learning goals & managing time
      • Giving lessons a thematic, formal, goal- & needs-oriented and didactic structure
    • Teaching a newly designed or revised lesson sequence
      • Matching learning content & context with appropriate methods, media & material
      • Giving & receiving resources-oriented feedback (on request with video feedback)
  • Day 5 – Teaching lessons (sequences) II & self-reflection
    • Teaching a newly designed or revised lesson sequence (continued)
    • Self-reflection
      • My teaching competencies
      • Roles of a teacher
  • Day 6 – Course closure & cultural activities
  • Course closure
    • Course evaluation: round up of acquired competences, feedback, and discussion;
      • Lessons learned and action plan
    • Awarding of the course Certificate of Attendance.


04. 12. - 08. 12. 


03. 06. - 07. 06.
21. 10. - 25. 10.


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