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Erasmus+ Course

Course Overview

Whether you're an early adopter of technology, mildly skeptical of new trends, or even cautiously curious, there's no escaping the impact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has on modern education. This course is devised to be your compass in navigating the intricate avenues of AI in educational settings. We take you beyond the headlines to explore the genuine potential of AI to transform teaching and learning, while also giving due attention to the ethical and practical dilemmas it presents. The course takes a full-spectrum approach, offering modules that range from clarifying common misconceptions about AI to empowering you with the skills to develop your own AI-enhanced educational strategies. In a rapidly changing educational landscape, this course aims to provide a comprehensive, balanced, and insightful framework for educators to adapt and thrive.

Course Methodology

With a blend of experiential learning, real-world application, and collaborative discourse, this course is designed for educators of varied technological proficiency and viewpoints. The curriculum involves hands-on tool exploration, analytical discussions, and problem-solving scenarios, enriched by the shared experiences of international educators.


  • Module 01 – Demystifying AI: Reality, Myths, and Current State
  • Module 02 – Mindset and Attitudes Towards AI Adoption
  • Module 03 – Ethical and Responsible AI Use
  • Module 04 – Text-Based AI Tools for Education
  • Module 05 – Visual AI Tools for Engaging Learning
  • Module 06 – Tackling AI-Generated Plagiarism
  • Module 07 – AI in Special Education: A Promising Ally
  • Module 08 – Fostering Critical Thinking Through AI
  • Module 09 – AI for Content and Activity Creation
  • Module 10 – Incorporating AI Tools into Your Curriculum
  • Module 11 – Evaluating and Selecting AI Tools
  • Module 12 – Future Trends: Preparing for an AI-Driven Educational Landscape
  • Module 13 – Crafting Your Own AI-Driven Educational Strategy

Guided City Tour

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a Balanced Understanding: Grasp the complexities of AI, debunking myths and grasping its real-world applications in education, irrespective of your initial stance or level of expertise.
  • Master Attitudinal Shifts: Acquire strategies for navigating mindset shifts among educators and students alike, transforming hesitance into constructive engagement with AI tools.
  • Ethical Grounding: Understand the ethical considerations of using AI, including but not limited to, issues related to data privacy and AI-generated plagiarism.
  • Tool Proficiency: Get hands-on experience with a selection of AI tools focused on textual and visual content, equipping you to make informed choices for your classroom.
  • Strategic Integration: Learn how to seamlessly incorporate AI into your existing curriculum to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Foster Critical Thinking: Acquire methods for using AI tools to encourage critical thinking and independent learning among students, negating concerns about intellectual laziness.
  • Special Education Aids: Appreciate how AI can offer unique advantages in the realm of special education and individualized learning plans.
  • Resource Creation: Develop the skills to generate AI-assisted educational content, ranging from lesson plans to interactive activities.
  • Navigate AI Challenges: Equip yourself with strategies to deal with the ethical and practical challenges posed by AI, including plagiarism and data security.
  • Professional Development: Understand how AI is shaping educational strategies on a macro level, supporting your continuous professional development in a rapidly evolving field.
  • Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Engage with educators from various EU nations, enriching your learning experience through cultural exchange and the sharing of best practices.
  • Language and Communication: Enhance your communication skills, broaden your professional vocabulary, and contribute to the linguistic diversity within the EU education landscape.

General Course Information

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After the Course:

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Year 2024


26. 02. - 01. 03. - Confirmed
08. 04. - 12. 04. - Confirmed
22. 07. - 26. 07. - Confirmed
23. 09. - 27. 09. - Planned
21. 10. - 25. 10. - Planned

Year 2025


03. 03. - 07. 03. - Planned
07. 04. - 11. 04. - Planned
21. 07. - 25. 07 - Planned


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